Studio 89
89 Clay Pit Road
Sag Harbor, NY 11963
T: 212-288-2375
E: hamptons@punchfitnesscenter.com

One of the hottest locations in New York, it only seems fitting that our PUNCH members are embracing the heat of the Hamptons with their Soku Masters. Seasonal: May (beginning memorial day) through September (ending Labor Day weekend)

The majority of our clientele prefer their work-outs tailored. Twelve personal Sokumasters. All share the same expertise. Each offers a cultural experience. The atmosphere lifts your spirit, ignites all your desires, and your Sokumasters are responsible to take you through it all. You will see yourself surpass every challenge with a method tailored each session for you.

In a group you find yourself ONE with your peers. The result:
- Form a team with your peers
- Paced
- Encouragement
- Challenge
- Accomplish more than you expect
- Euphoria of success

Our method includes a few customs that allow You and your Punch Team to maintain the highest quality and standards for your success.

TWICE A WEEK: our staff will reserve a recurring schedule for your preferred days and times. Becoming a part of PUNCH is a promise to yourself; this is the first and only step you need to make for You. This schedule can be altered whenever you require.

THE MATT: Your home at Punch has a high regard for health and the maintenance of a pristine environment. Shoes worn outdoors are left in the locker-rooms. Our members train barefoot on the red floor, and have the option of bringing separate athletic shoes they reserve for their use at Punch.

ROTATION: You reserve the right to experience each trainer, and have each trainer know You. The result is your challenge and victory in an atmosphere of family and friends you desire.

GLOVES & WRAPS: on sale on premises. House gloves and wraps are provided during your first session, and whenever you require.

TECHNOLOGY The finest foundation can only be completed using the finest tools. From the highest-end equipment, to advanced technological tracking tools, PUNCH Fitness Center offers the finest quality of tools for your training.

Single: Session pricing varies, call for details.
Packages: Packages with additional bonuses provided on premises.

Drop us an email or call us and our front desk will be happy to reserve your complimentary session.